Sometimes we just need a little help, and we’re here to help you with your Email for Fans account.

You did not receive your Activation Email – Rest assured we want you to receive your Activation Email. If you have completed the registration form and were presented with Success notification, we’re confident that we sent an Activation Email. It just might not have made into the inbox of your alternate email address. Please check your spam and or junk folders. If you find it there, move it to your inbox and mark it as not spam so that future emails from us are not identified as spam.

If you do not find your Activation Email for any reason, don’t worry. Send us an email at When we see that all the information is in order, your account will be activated within 24 hours. Remember to Sign In using your new Email for Fans email address and the password you created while registering (we will not send another notification Email).

You need help with something regarding your Email for Fans email account – Write to us at and provide us with a brief description of how we can help you.